When Applied, Protects And Prevents Mold For One-Year Or More!


You’ve tried other chemical soltuions on the market, yet mold continues to reappear in your operations Why wait for a disaster and liabilities when the FDA finds mold… even if you didn’t?

Your ventilation systems are a financial disaster waiting to happen. Any time you have hot air meeting a cold surface or cold air meeting a warm surface you create moisture. This moisture forms small droplets which eventually accumulate in low lying areas of your ventilation systems far up in the ceilings where no one can see them. Microscopic pollen provides the nutrient rich carbohydrates to feed mold. Your HEPA filters are no barrier to the viable parts of the mold hyphae that sail through your filters. MoldGuardian will prevent this growth. The safe answer to financial disaster is prevention.

Used By Major Pharmaceutical Organizations And Companies

MoldGuardian™ is currently being used By Pfizer, Amgen and Celgene, to name a few, to remove mold from their operations and to prevent and keep any new mold growth from contaminating their environment and operations for at least One-Year All natural “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) ingredients make it safe and easy to apply by spraying, fogging or wiping. MoldGuardian™ is excellent for ventilation systems. Once applied, MoldGuardian™ dries and becomes water resistant, continuing to be a new spore growth barrier that prevents any mold growth on a treated surface for at least one year.

For Over The Last 8 Years Our Mold Solution Has Been Tested, Implemented and Proven  By Companies Like These: