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Hydrophobic Barrier – That’s the Key!

Proven to work by Pharma every time for the past 8 years.

How the hydrophobic effect of MoldGuardian works:

Mold spores are microscopic and only become visible when individual spores accumulate. The microscopic particles continuously move through indoor and outdoor air. In order for mold to grow, mold spores must come in contact with moisture.

MoldGuardian creates a hydrophobic barrier on the treated surface that repels moisture. Without moisture, mold simply cannot grow. The mechanical barrier prevents air-borne mold spores from penetrating the pores of the treated surface.

The mechanical barrier consists of natural ingredients that are safe for humans and animals.

    • Air Ducts
    • Air Conditioning Units -Very Important
    • Stability Chambers
    • Incubators
    • Walk In Refrigeration units
    • Air conditioning drip pans
    • Freezers
    • All rubber door gaskets to refrigerators and freezers
    • Interstitial spaces between roof and ceilings which have piping with moisture
    • accumulation drip pans and drains
    • Floor drains
    • Spray/spritz into small holes and cracks in walls
    • Spray where baseboards start to separate from wall
    • Employees change rooms
    • Cart Wheels
    • Storage Rooms
    • Loading dock areas with lots of wood and cardboard materials
    • Areas with wood storage or large amounts of raw wood
    • Incubators, Heaters, food storage containers/rooms
    • In Electrical Rooms
    • On Wooden Palettes
    • On Cardboard Boxes (light spray on card board boxes prevents spores)

We Are Expanding Our Distribution...

The MoldGuardian™ product will now fall under the brand: MOLDGUARD

We are expanding and growing. Since 2013 we have been exhibiting and speaking at major pharmaceutical trade shows in the US and Europe, regional aseptic and sterility related conferences in the US, Germany, Spain, England, Ireland, Portugal. We have built the MoldGuardian reputation as a product that specializes in assuring pharmaceutical facilities protect and prevent mold on hard surfaces for a minimum of one-year once applied.

Recently, because of an agreed acquisition, we now operate as the North American Master Distributor for a company named Mold Guard, Inc., a Canadian company formed in 2020. This acquisition expands our distribution and ability to deliver mold prevention and protection to companies and organizations in South America, Europe, India and other countries, so they might benefit from mold prevention like some of our current customers do, which include:


Stay employed…with an easy to apply mold solution that can be applied by fogging, spraying, mopping, or wiping on any surface or area requiring mold protection.

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